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Active Living Facility

Active Entities Consulting has been recognized globally as one of the most versatile and successful consulting firms in the active living industry. Based in Marblehead, Massachusetts, with offices in Vermont, California, Georgia, Australia, and Belgium, our team of experienced professionals brings decades of proven success guiding, rehabilitating, and managing award winning facilities around the world.

Our team of experienced professionals provide individualized expertise and support for sports campuses, traditional health clubs and gyms, colleges and universities, country clubs, tennis clubs, hotels, resorts, and boutique fitness studios. Our services will guide you from design and program development, pre-sale/ marketing planning, and organizational structure to establishing a successful sales funnel and ongoing operational support. Additionally, we will guide you through all the nuances of buying and/or selling a club.

Explore how our award -winning team of business and program specialists can support your journey whether it be a start-up or an existing entity looking to grow and transform.

What We Do

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Whether you’re developing a sports campus, opening a new facility, or looking to grow your existing business, (eliminate adding a fitness center to an existing business) the team at Active Entities is here to support you! We deliver strategies, solve problems, train teams, and provide management services necessary to successfully start or grow your business and exceed customer expectations.

Our approach to working with clients is framed by our belief in collaboration. Under your instruction, our team of professionals will be instrumental in motivating new clients to seek out your services while continuing to ensure member retention. With our expert analysis, strategy development, and consulting services, we strive to ensure the operational and financial success of your facility.

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Active Entities in the Media

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Opening A New Gym Or Fitness Business

We know that starting a new business can be challenging; that’s why Active Entities Consulting stays by your side from the initial ideation process to the grand opening of your new fitness facility! We provide extensive financial modeling and health club management training services to help you successfully start up your new fitness center and build a strong clientele. Active Entities Consulting can assist you on the journey of starting a fitness business.

Growing Your Established Fitness Business

If you’re looking to grow your business, you may be in need of some fitness business consultancy to develop a successful performance improvement plan. The team at Active Entities takes into account your current business management strategy to examine what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong, and how to create a business growth plan that benefits your members and your facility. Active Entities can help you improve your services and grow your business.

Special Entities

Active Entities provides consulting services to all active entities; that means we work with any brick and mortar business or virtual program that incorporates active living and is looking to grow and expand their bandwidth. Whether you’re looking to open a new gym or improve an existing fitness facility that operates in a pre-existing business, Active Entities can provide customized training programs to ensure your success!

“During these most challenging times, certainly COVID-19 has not been kind to the Fitness industry. As a club owner, I have unfortunately witnessed well over a 65% drop in my monthly revenue stream as a result of this pandemic’s wrath. Simply the business was at the brink of closing its doors. Desperate and overly stressed from the thought of losing my business, I reached out to Active Entities Consulting in hopes of saving my life’s work. With Professionalism and Compassion at its finest, Active Entities Consulting wasted no time assessing the current situation which they then acted immediately upon implementing a proven business strategy that not only stopped the cancellations but actually attracted new memberships. Don’t allow your business to be another victim at the hands of this Pandemic. Reach out to Active Entities Consulting now and let their expertise approach help guide you through these most unprecedented challenges.”

Ralph Ungaro

Owner, Dartmouth Athletic Club, Dartmouth, MA


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When it comes to building a successful company, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. Each individual business is unique and requires a personalized business plan to succeed. That’s why you need a health club consultant who understands current trends in the health club industry and how to use those insights in your favor. We cater to the specific needs of your business and your business environment.

Drawing upon the skills and expertise of our team of fitness and business experts, we develop systems and programs specifically designed for each fitness facility we work with. At Active Entities, delivering extraordinary service is the constant guiding force in all the work we do.

Active Entities Consulting offers a one-stop shop for all the tools and resources fitness business owners need to build their businesses. Discover what we can do for you by checking out our full range of services.

Renaissance Athletic Club

The Renaissance Athletic Club was a startup business and we oversaw a successful pre-sale that resulted in surpassing our original projections. The model we used has proven to be sustainable as the club continues to thrive and grow.

Western Michigan Community Tennis

We provided the WMCT team with the leadership skills necessary to lead to the tremendous growth of their community tennis programs. As well, we provided them with the awareness and information concerning the project to lead to new investors and supporters.

Elmhurst Parks & Recreation

We significantly expanded the existing program model to capture a more varied member base by introducing medical rehab, high performance training and entry level programs for new exercise enthusiasts.

YMCA of Pawtucket

We collaborated with local YMCA leaders to create a dynamic and versatile member experience for the Pawtucket community. As well, we collaborated on all aspects of the project including design, staffing, marketing, training, programming, operations and budgeting.

“We create prosperous businesses by utilizing award-winning programming,
development drivers, and cost-cutting initiatives.”

Bobby Verdun

— Bobby Verdun (Founder & President)


At Active Entities Consulting, our talented team of professionals are passionate about helping clients achieve their business goals — and it shows! Here’s what a few of our clients have to say about our services.

“The combination of his successful fitness management experience in various settings with his understanding of key industry metrics and how to implement them was exactly what we needed to move from good club to leading club even with increased competition.”

Brian McDermott

Director of Enterprise Services – Courts Plus

“Bobby has been a phenomenal resource for our business over the past few years, his ideas have helped guide us in a direction we would have never gone on our own! His help and support took the pressure off of us and allowed us to pursue our dream!”

Edward Gemdjian

Founder of Team Awesome, LLC

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Bobby Verdun on a number of occasions on projects ranging from running an operation to business planning and business development. He leverages his experience, knowledge and wide range of relationships to deliver. He’s also a real pleasure to work with.”

Herve Sedky

Owner of Leap Fitness

“I have been working with Bobby for more than 6 years and can’t say enough about him. Between his insight, experience, integrity, and great attitude, I couldn’t ask for anyone better to help me grow my company. I’m looking forward to our next 6 years.”

Jim Grapek

CEO of The Pavilion Center

“Bobby has a vast knowledge of the industry. Our first gym and first time in this business and Bobby has helped make it a great success. We are now looking at a second and possibly more locations with Bobby’s help. If you are looking to enter, improve or expand in the fitness industry, then Bobby is the person to help you.”

Elliott Chamberlain

Owner of NXGen Fitness Center