Expert Witness & Testimony Support

Our team has been successful in serving as experts or in supportive roles as consultants as we have decades of
industry-specific experience often needed to tackle challenging situations. Some of the many services we offer

  • Providing fitness industry expertise with regards to successfully operating a facility.
  • Conducting research and presenting findings
  • Conducting case evaluations
  • Serving as expert witnesses

Leadership, Team Building, Problem Solving and Communication Solutions

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. Communication is the growth of understanding and mutual valuing, which serve as the foundation for vibrant communities.

As Brian Humes once stated, “The art of communication is the language of leadership.”

leadership, mentoring and coaching techniques

Owning and operating a facility and SUCCESSFULLY owning and operating are two very different things. The team at Active Entities has an impeccable track record of successfully owning and operating active living facilities and bring to our clients the same formulas and foundations that brought record achievements to some of the top clubs in the country.

Executive Coaching

The Active Entities team has produced hundreds of industry leaders through our highly successful Executive Coaching Curriculum. The eight week course has produced significant results with regards to strengthening individual skill sets in team leaders as well as serves as a confidence builder for aspiring young professionals.

Among the topics covered are:

  • Relationship building
  • Industry trends
  • How to price programs
  • How to develop effective Key Performance Indicators
  • Finding hidden ancillary opportunities in your club
  • The importance of a successful member funnel
  • How to hire.. how to fire… and how to document
  • How to market
  • Coaching techniques that work

Team Building and Problem Solving

The art of successfully operating an active living entity starts with a team that can successfully problem solve. To that end, effectively communicating and being armed with skill sets to find solutions under pressure often separates a good facility from a great one.

Reel Solutions

To support teams looking to grow and work more cohesively, “REEL Solutions” was created as an interactive and engaging program. Since its inception, we’ve successfully put forth the program at Fortune 500 companies, universities and colleges, local governments and hundreds of active living teams around the world. Utilizing scenes from films such as APOLLO 13, WALL STREET, MEN IN BLACK and SHACKLETON, the program has produced significant results with regards to productivity and overall team performance.

REEL Solutions from Active Entities consulting

Among the topics covered in REEL Solution programs are:

  1. Techniques for co-workers to settle differences in a productive way
  2. Ownership of decisions and responsibilities
  3. Identifying different styles of leadership
  4. Overcoming obstacles
  5. Not settling for “almost” but capturing ALL of your goals
  6. Finding that extra gear
  7. Maintaining order and sustaining leadership with substance
  8. How the enthusiasm/energy of a leader translates to their respective teams (both positively and negatively)
  9. Problem solving techniques under pressure
  10. Conflict resolution
  11. Seeing the forest through the trees — Identifying what is truly important
  12. Adjusting sails on the fly
  13. Exploring the dynamics of a team within a team

In our industry, caring is not optional and there is no such thing as an unimportant day; you’re hired to create happiness, and the success of members is your commitment. REEL Solutions promises to engage your team effectively, energetically and productively.


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