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We all come from the same root, but the leaves are all different.” — John Fire Lame Deer
Each individual market in the health and fitness industry faces different challenges specific to them: Boutique offerings are often forced to overcome space issues, golf and tennis clubs frequently need to invest in dynamic grassroots programming and so on.

Collegiate programs must identify the climate of their students and build momentum throughout the year. From Feasibility studies to staff training, our team offers expert consulting and support that is specific to each type of business we engage with, building custom consulting platforms for each individual client.

Special entities such as college and university gyms, country club fitness centres and office or home gyms require specialized consulting services in order to succeed. If you are a special entity looking for customized consulting services to develop or enhance your facility, we are here to help!

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Non-traditional facilities bring with them different goals, unique challenges, and a culture that is specific in nature to the offering. Our pathways and guidance for each type of entity we work with is custom built specifically to the nuances that come with each offering.
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“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Bobby Verdun on a number of occasions on projects ranging from running an operation to business planning and business development. He leverages his experience, knowledge and wide range of relationships to deliver. He’s also a real pleasure to work with.”

Herve Sedky

Owner, Leap Fitness, Marblehead, MA

“Geoff Hampton is a dynamic motivational speaker and consultant. He is very knowledgeable about the health & wellness industry and he helped our facility make changes we needed to grow our membership sales program. After the seminar we were excited about all that we had learned. Attending his seminar is a benefit to both the staff and the club they represent!”

Tammy Carter

Executive Director, Franklin Health & Fitness Center – Elizabethton, TN


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