Financial modeling is an important tool used to project the financial performance of your business into the future and can present key factors to secure financing from banks and loaning companies.

Additionally, accurate projections obtained through our modeling process can assist with several aspects of forecasting for your business:

strategy for opening a new business

Strategic Planning:

A strategic plan gives you an opportunity to record the mission, vision and values of your business as well as to set any long-term goals and the action plans you will use to achieve them. A definitive plan allows you to consistently assess industry trends, encourages an annual SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis on the business and gives you and your team the opportunity to review the mission and vision of the business to possibly revisit or reset goals.

how to define your new business operation

Operational Planning:

While strategic planning shares your vision of the future, operational planning focuses on the immediate needs of the business. New competition, unplanned expenses and budget challenges often result in the need to change direction — something that must be done strategically and with purpose.

financial planning for a new gym

Capital Planning:

Gyms, health clubs and fitness facilities are dependent upon the space members have to engage in each activity they choose to participate in.

Over the course of time, new trends, programs and equipment needs result in the investment of capital improvements. Planning each phase of this evolution process is critical.

“Bobby has a vast knowledge of the industry. Our first gym and first time in this business and Bobby has helped make it a great success. We are now looking at a second and possibly more locations with Bobby’s help. If you are looking to enter, improve or expand in the fitness industry, then Bobby is the person to help you.”

Elliott Chamberlain

Owner, NxGen Fitness, Scarborough, Maine

Fitness Center Financial Model

Generally speaking, modeling is a systematic approach to projecting growth pathways for your business. Our team of experts have successfully developed impressive and accurate models for clients. Our process has been influential in successfully projecting hundreds of projects throughout the world.
Here is an example of some of the steps taken in our careful approach to modeling a business:
Evaluate historical data of the entity
Create forecast assumptions with regards to revenue, gross profit, operating expense, deprecation, amortization, interest and taxes
Calculate accounts receivable and inventory
Build supporting schedules for capital assets
Build a cash flow statement
Add potential scenarios that would impact the business

View a sample Active Entities KPI report

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View a sample Financial Projections report

sample of a financial projection report

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