Corporate Fitness

Corporate fitness has become a cornerstone for professional workplaces in recent years as it has shown to improve overall performance of employees, reduces absenteeism and lower healthcare costs. Our team will design a facility and program model that maximizes usage while creating important checks/balances that consistently report ROI.

group of business people taking a yoga class

Boutique Gyms/Personal Training Studios

Our small business and boutique experts have had significant impact with studio and boutique fitness offerings across the country. We understand the challenges small business owners have of putting forth an exceptional experience with limited space and budget while serving an upscale clientele. To this end, our boutique guidance package is both high quality and affordable, offering guidance and procedural systems that are “ready to go” and essential to the success of the entity.
3 people in a small gym working with a medicine ball

Community Centers/ Recreation Centers, Not-For-Profit Entities

Active Entities has worked with recreation and not-for-profit entities with highly successful results. We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of the not-for-profit center while injecting important service systems and programs to enhance the professional presentation by staff. This combination results in affordable luxury for members and guests. Some of our recent successes include West Michigan Community Tennis, Glenview Parks and Recreation, Elmhurst Parks and Recreation, and the Prosserman Jewish Community Center.

“At FirstHealth, we include our key management and sales staff in Geoff’s seminars. His information is real world in that the staff leaves with ideas and systems to actually implement. Geoff’s varied experience in the fitness industry makes him a great resource for medical fitness centers, where much of our expertise lies in clinical skills and programming rather than in sales, marketing and retention efforts. I recommend Geoff as one of the few in our industry who has a firm grasp on these aspects of successfully operating a medical fitness center.”

John Caliri

Director, FirstHealth of the Carolinas Centers for Health & Fitness – Pinehurst, NC


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