personal trainer coaching two clients

Ancillary revenue such as personal training, group training, nutrition programming and specialty programming are all examples of offerings that can not only positively impact the bottom line of an entity but can also dramatically improve the member experience. Our team has produced award-winning results for clubs as we coach your team not only how to “sell” a program, but how to bring your services to a higher level.

“Active Entities has proven that they have the experience, dedication, and creative minds to set our business up for success moving forward. They have continued to improve our operations, quality of staff, and marketing tactics. Whether you’re a gym fighting to get to the next level or a facility that is already very successful, AE has the consultants to boost your business to the next step and beyond. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us and I look forward to continuing our partnership!”

Chris Davis

General Manager, The Club on Central, McKinleyville, CA


Simultaneously maintaining operational excellence and efficient management systems is critical in the formula of success for a thriving entity. Our team of experts has successfully developed and implemented systems that bring forth exceptional experiences for members while also allowing operators to work ON their business as well as IN their business.
Renaissance Athletic Club
We’ve found that organizations often hire terrific talent with limited experience. Active Entities provides extensive coaching for team leaders and staff through our Executive Coaching curriculum that has proven successful and produces immediate results.

We cover a wide range of topics including:

1. How to build long lasting professional relationships
2. Hidden costs of running a club successfully
3. Knowing numbers and how to establish Key Performance Indicators
4. Developing ancillary pockets
5. How to hire and how to fire
6. How to create or establish effective Standard Operating Systems
7. Effective marketing techniques
8. The importance of documenting and how to do it
9. Programming your club effectively
10. Using social media effectively and how to streamline messaging
11. Membership vs participants and how it affects your bottom line
12. Running successful meetings and holding people accountable
13. Growing your personal and group training
14. How to review your staff effectively

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