Renaissance Athletic Club

About the Project

What were the goals of the project?

Our goal for the Renaissance Athletic Club project was to create an opportunity for underserved members of the community to experience high-end programming at an affordable price by building a quality health club.

What was the problem at hand?

Prior to this project, the Benton Harbor community did not have an existing athletic club to serve as a bridge for these communities. This project aimed to present a solution for this by creating a diverse and exciting program model.

Did we meet our goals?

Yes! The club continues to thrive in the Benton Harbor community and the model supports the creation of exceptional experiences for the community.

renaissance athletic club

The Strategy

How did we deliver?

We developed all operational systems, created the program model and brought forth significant input to the creation of the physical entity.

What ways did we drive new business?

The Renaissance Athletic Club was a startup business and we oversaw a successful pre-sale that resulted in surpassing our original projections. The model we used has proven to be sustainable as the club continues to thrive and grow.

The Results

What deliverables did we meet?

Timelines for this project were intense as the project was started and completed within one year. We were fortunate to work with an exceptional owner and a motivated staff who executed each game plan and were motivated to inspire the community with exceptional service.

The excitement of this project was two-fold; being inspired by the vision and passion of an owner committed to giving back to his community and designing a versatile program that engaged many levels of fitness and active living.