Country Club Expansions

One of the strongest trends in our industry over the last two years has been the development and expansion of fitness and wellness centers in country clubs. Our team members have been leaders in this space and were recently promoted at the PGA Trade Show to “ Industry Experts” in this category.

The addition of a full-scale fitness offering at a country club creates year-round usage opportunities for the facility and provides tremendous added value to the entity by attracting new members, generating additional revenues and increasing average usage of the facility by current members.

With the recent surge in sports specific training, it has become common place for golfers to hire personal trainers to improve flexibility and strength. This has resulted in extending careers for golfers and a significant addition to program models at country clubs.

Tennis Clubs

Our team members have been engaged by some of the top tennis facilities in the country, such as Weymouth Club and The Junior Champions Center, due to our significant success growing tennis offerings from grass roots initiatives to establishing industry-leading high performance programs.

Additionally, our design teams have taken the most modern technology and transformed or created state-of-the-art tennis centers around the country. This has resulted in exceptional experiences for members and guests while producing tremendous amounts of growth in terms of membership and retention.


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