Member retention speaks volumes as to how healthy or unhealthy your business is. We’ll review your business with our checklist for member engagement to determine the status of your facility.

Among the topics we evaluate are:


Are your employees “people-people”? Does your team engage members effectively? A recent study concluded that engaging a member at risk of canceling can reduce the likelihood of dropping out by nearly 10%. Additionally, 85% of club members say they value communication from staff. We’ll identify how effective your team is at communicating with members.

The On-boarding Funnel

The essence of an elongated relationship with a member begins at the point of engagement. We’ll evaluate how effective your engagement funnel is and establish Key Performance Indicators to ensure systems are successfully being followed at all times.

Department Dynamics

We help to get a temperature read of how healthy the culture of each department is.

Loyalty Incentives

We work with you to evaluate loyalty and longtime member status programs and see where areas of the different programs can be improved.


Memberships are the lifeblood of any active entity and a healthy “member funnel” is essential for any membership drive to be successful. To that end, our team offers the following approach to successfully build your member funnel:

We will review and analyze existing strategies that may be underperforming.

We will show you how to engage monthly in our “Five Alive” prospect system that addresses five key points of contact: Internal messaging, external messaging, outreach productivity, be-back campaigns and social media.

We will fix or create a successful on-boarding system. On-boarding current members and future members is arguably the most important aspect of closing sales and elongating the member/club relationship. Our proven on-boarding system effectively engages members and informs them of all aspects of services and how to maximize their membership.

“The combination of Bobby’s successful fitness management experience in various settings with his understanding of key industry metrics and how to implement them was exactly what we needed to move from good club to leading club even with increased competition.”

Brian McDermott

Director of Enterprise Services, Courts Plus, Elmhurst, Illinois

I have known and worked with Geoff for over 20 years and his experience has uplifted our staff to meet and exceed our sales budget. Geoff has delivered energy to our team while teaching our sales team skills to improve how we engage new customers, present our facility during the transaction, close the transaction and strategies to create new prospects from the sale transaction. Geoff has also been instrumental in teaching the staff how to be proactive in generating new prospects.

Eric Good FMFA

Director, Powell Wellness Center - Culpeper VA


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