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Higher Education Fitness and Wellness offerings have become a key point of interest with regards to students making decisions about where they want to continue their educational journeys. Whether you’re at the design stage of a new facility, looking to renovate an existing one or exploring pathways to increase gym usage, our team has had great success in developing and enhancing college and university fitness centers. We provide dynamic program models and enhance operational efficiency by injecting key systems and cost-effective savings.

How to Create a Successful Campus Fitness Center

There are several key factors to consider when developing a new recreation or campus center:

A successful campus center will be the mecca center for students, faculty and staff, and should be designed to connect facets of the campus that are not usually connected. To that end, we’ve found success in developing spaces that are multi-purpose in nature to accommodate a “small community feel”. Important elements such as WIFI connectivity, comfortable seating areas, lighting and sound considerations make a significant difference in the user experience.

college campus fitness center exterior

The facility should appeal to young people seeking high-quality sports training. To that end, state-of-the-art equipment, training spaces, locker rooms and functional training space should be carefully planned, especially when the space is shared by NCAA athletes. As we know, the level of training correlates to performance and student athletes will be comparing training advantages at your facility with others they’ve seen at competitive schools that they visit.

student athletes training in a college fitness center

Establishing a vibrant and inclusive program where students can combat the “Freshman 15” syndrome and participate comfortably in a variety of offerings is a key factor with the success of any college or university entity. An active center will accommodate students who enjoy individual activities (such as rock climbing and swimming) as well as students seeking social connections (team sports, group exercise, yoga). The center should be able to house activities that are going to attract students who aren’t necessarily athletic but can benefit from active living direction. Developing an entity that visually embraces the opportunity to become the “healthy heart” of the campus is a significant opportunity.

young woman running on a treadmill

The “Unique Factor” is an important ingredient in developing a successful campus entity. Many schools are looking to upgrade current facilities and should take time to focus on how the entity will match or positively impact the culture that exists at the school. A vibrant and healthy center will embrace the opportunity to become a place where the community can come together, connect and make memorable experiences.

swimmer diving into pool

Being accessible to all facets of the college community is an important piece to the center becoming the “hub” of the school. Having a visual connection to the campus, embracing the opportunity for natural light (and managing it) and creating easy access travel points to and from the facility are all important when considering the design.

college fitness center

Other key elements to consider include types of surfaces to use throughout the facility (wood flooring, multi-purpose flooring, rubberized athletic flooring, pads for wall spaces), layouts for fitness equipment (versatile areas for alternative workouts and to facilitate trends that will change over time), TV and message board placement, hydrating stations and security.

fitness center with man running on treadmill

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