Live Events

Our team members have been keynote speakers and have led hundreds of seminars with regards to team dynamics, problem solving, leadership and conflict resolution, and have also provided motivational speeches and keynote speeches globally.

Regional Events

Active Entities has become a leader in developing affordable regional one and two -day staff events that have consistently sold out and have brought forth new programs and offerings to the industry. Each symposium has a mix of national active living experts as well as leaders from other industries giving varied perspectives for participants to consider.

Healthy Living Summits

Our Healthy Living summits feature our strong connection with the Medical Fitness Association and provide education, direction, and resources for entities looking to successfully engage in medical fitness. To that end we’ve put together an unmatched team of Global Medical Fitness Experts and formed a Global Medical Fitness Advisory Board to guide the industry into better solutions with regards to medical fitness.

International Coaching

Active Entities has expanded our bandwidth to now engage industry leaders both nationally and internationally. With team members located around the world and utilizing modern technology, the Active Entities difference is being felt globally. Already successful with regional events, the team is preparing for a Europe tour in 2021 with dates being discussed in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Australia.

Remote Learning

As our newest and fast-growing offering, zoom coaching is an affordable pathway for entities to engage with industry leaders and develop relationships with similar entities.

Among the topics covered in these coaching sessions are:

  • How to formulate a promising SEO strategy
  • Energy efficiency ideas to add thousands to your bottom line
  • Maximizing summer usage for added profits
  • The art of retaining a member
  • Dynamic programming that creates unique value

“Geoff Hampton’s seminars are greatly informative and always very well received. I am always able to take pieces of his presentations and immediately implement them into the current operations of my upscale downtown club. He always seems to share information objectively and constructively in order to create functional solutions to different clubs operating issues on a day to day basis. I highly recommend his seminars!”

Brian Sciutto

General Manager, Westside Athletic Club - San Diego, CA

“Geoff Hampton hosted an informative and motivating seminar to enhance member retention and boost our corporate marketing efforts. I came away with a ton of ideas that our facility can implement today!”

Nancy W. Turner

Membership Coordinator, Hunterdon Health & Wellness - Whitehouse Station, NJ

“The sales seminar was not only interesting and informative, but I am very impressed with the genuine concern that Geoff has to make a difference in our sales approach and technique. Geoff has the knowledge along with a great ability to teach and present. I walked away from the seminar informed and motivated. Thanks again Geoff!”

Kathy Mentone

Corporate Sales, Good Samaritan Health & Wellness Downers Grove, IL


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