Active Entities Facilities Management team has decades of unmatched success operating facilities throughout the country. Our systems are designed to bring forth the full potential of your entity through our customized approach to engaging your community and members to unlock the full potential of your facility.
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Step 1:

A full assessment of the facility to review the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats that currently exist

A full Organizational Assessment is a systematic process by which we obtain information about the performance of your club and factors that affect performance. It aims to identify strengths, areas in need of improvement, challenges the entity faces, and opportunities to be better. Our goal is to learn who you are, what you are about, what your vision is, and what your unique selling proposition is in your marketplace. We’ll learn about the existing culture of both the facility and the community it supports.
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Step 2:

Develop an action plan specific to your entity

Our methodology is designed to bring forth game plans that are specific in nature to the entity and the community it serves. We are respectful of the vision of owners and strategically blend our systems to retain the essence of each foundational core value.
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Step 3:

Measure our results and outcomes

Knowing a business begins and ends with knowing its numbers. Prior to starting we will develop and present a comprehensive plan supported by financial goals and objectives, and communicate the monthly gains our team is making towards them. We report with transparency and with significant detail as well as provide adjustments as needed to ensure goals are met. Our focus is on financial improvement without compromising member satisfaction.

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Our team of experts has decades of proven success owning and managing some of the best facilities in the country. This includes for-profit, not-for-profit, and community centers. Combine this experience and our connections with industry leaders and skilled professionals across the country, it enables us to assume seamless operational responsibilities for your entity. Additionally, our methodologies and operational systems would be implemented as described above ensuring exceptional member experiences while improving the bottom line.

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Active Entities has a stable of trained professionals equipped with experience and familiarity with Active Entities Systems. Additionally, our award- winning management training program provides depth and knowledge to existing staff and will arm them with tools needed to succeed. The essence of any successful entity is found in people and our leadership team is equipped to immediately inject what is needed to start getting results for our partners.

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For a facility to truly become the epicenter for a community, dynamic and creative programming is fundamental. Our “Club Without Walls” program model takes offerings to another level as we engage community resources, virtual programming, and outside-the-box touches to existing programs that bring the model from good… to great. We’ve found that a successful program will be a significant marketing tool to engage the community with unique, affordable, and fun activities to enhance active living.

Additionally, we monitor utilization constantly and gauge each aspect of club offerings carefully, not only to assess participation, but also to utilize the club in an efficient way as to save on expenses and utility costs.

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Our facility design and architect partners have saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars by optimizing space and creating dynamic and efficient space to create exceptional member experiences.

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Whether it is securing best pricing with vendors through our deep vendor partnerships or guiding you through the process of selecting fitness equipment for your facility, our experience fitting hundreds of clubs will be invaluable as you move forward selecting pieces for a new entity or looking to refit a current space.

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Commercial Centers
Tennis and Racquet Sports Facilities
Recreation and Municipal facilities
Medical Fitness Centers
Apartments and hotel centers
Corporate Fitness Centers
Colleges and Universities

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