Developing an effective business plan is one of the most important tools to be engaged when building a new entity. A great plan clearly identifies the vision of the ownership group, examines the feasibility of the business and proposed location, serves as a key marketing piece when presenting to investors and banks, and is the “playbook” of which the ownership team will look to execute throughout their journey.
active entities provides guidance for creating a map to opening your business.

“As new gym owners, we count ourselves extremely fortunate to have met Bobby. Bobby takes a very hands-on approach and has demonstrated a vested interest in getting to know us and our business. He has a vast knowledge of operational efficiencies and sales practices, and has shared many new and exciting ideas for generating new client leads and revenue lines. His commitment to our project is remarkable, and it feels more like we’re working with a business partner than a consultant.”

Mark Buckley-Jones

Owner, Colosseum Gym, Newark, NJ

Fitness Center Business Plan Development Services

Our plans have several key touch points that result in a comprehensive
and detailed presentation of the proposed business and its viability:

executive summary for a business plan

Executive Summary

The purpose of an executive summary is to bring forth key points of the overall plan in a short, concise and optimistic way that captures the reader’s attention and makes them want to learn more about it. A successful summary will bring forth important details such as the projected size and location of the entity, the vision of the ownership and an overall statement of why the financial performance of the facility will be successful.

market research and analysis icon

Market Research and Analysis

This aspect of the plan will bring forth proof of the feasibility of the proposed entity. It speaks about the target market, competition, climate of the industry as well as the climate of local business and articulates the following aspects of the business:

  1. Where the business will be located
  2. The demographic of potential customers
  3. An overall review of the market and identification of what market share the proposed entity can obtain
active entities can help develop a business model

Business Model

The most important aspect of a business plan is to effectively translate research into a detailed financial model that serves as proof that the concept will be successful. Three-year financial projections are presented in this section as well as a detailed look into ancillary offerings, industry trends, market evaluations and general revenue/expense breakdowns that support the viability of the proposed entity. Additionally, pricing, marketing plans, sales strategy and business development is brought forth in this section.

staffing icon

Staffing Model

An organizational chart is created to support the operational aspects of the proposed entity and outline how it will effectively and efficiently service customers. Additionally, this section brings forth specific nuances with regards to the unique talents of ownership and staff, the culture that will be created and human resource systems that will be established.

what will your service philosophy be for your fitness business?

Service Philosophy

Exceeding the expectations of members is a crucial element in the formula for success for health and fitness facilities. In addition, the strategy on how to handle service and support issues guided by a brand’s principles and company values are brought forth in this section.

active entities design and build partners

Design and Build Out

Active Entities collaborates with the industry’s leading design firm, Olsen Lavoie, to give our clients the best possible pathway to success when designing an entity. We believe investing in the right design that will stand the test of time is a crucial step in the success of any entity. There are several factors we address as the vision is created:

  1. The emergence of competition often creates uncertainty regarding initial business models. To that end, we understand that changes will often create identity issues for the business. To avoid such crises, we look to create versatile spaces that can be multifunctional when engaging members.
  2. Creating “clubs within a club” is something we look to do to meet the needs of a varied population looking for specific spaces to stay active
  3. Technology can assist in creating exceptional experience for users. High speed Wi-Fi, activity tracking mechanisms, digital signage and exceptional lighting are key elements to creating a unique and exceptional member experience.

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