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April 27, 2021



Our “Results Assured” Program is incredibly unique in that the team at Active Entities Consulting agrees with clubs who qualify, to put 50% of our fee at risk! If we fail to attain or exceed mutually agreed to performance goals in the 6 months of the Agreement, the participating club pays no more. Only if we attain the mutually agreed to goals does the club pay the balance of our fee. Additionally, we are so confident in this program that we will set bonus goals beyond the agreed to goals to prove that nobody else can do what we do. Register for this LIMITED REGISTRATION webinar and see how this program is perfect for the dramatically changed international fitness business landscape today.

May 4, 2021


Creating and implementing a shared vision of success!

Most fitness business staff teams have never developed to their full potential. Many have tried, but most have not developed their team as they imagined. When your fitness business learns the true potential of creating and implementing a successful vision of success, your net membership growth will increase dramatically. Sign up for this dynamic free webinar today!

May 13, 2021

Live Event!

Join us in Newtown, PA for the “Battle of the Independents”!

Join the folks at Active Entities as we showcase one of the fitness industry’s best success stories; the Newtown Athletic Club.
This promises to be a powerful one day event designed to power up revenue for independent fitness business operators. Great speakers, trade show and more!

Come to this first live event in the “Battle for Independents” and get ready to not only survive, but to THRIVE! Register your team today!

Dynamic presentations on powering up your business by industry legends including:

Tom Johnston

Matthew Wright M.S. CPT

Hervey Lavoie

Geoff Hampton

Larry Conner

Bobby Verdun

Brianne Feinour

Lunch will be provided for attendees, and there will also be a trade show, and a powerful introduction by industry legend and owner of Newtown Athletic Club Jim Worthington and more! REGISTER TODAY!

Past Events

March 23, 2021



A dynamic fitness business program designed to launch your independent club to maximum success in spite of pandemic and fitness predators!

Join Geoff Hampton, Bobby Verdun & Rich Synnott of Active Entities as they discuss solutions for helping independent fitness businesses turn the tide and achieve success in 2021 and beyond.

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