“Geoff Hampton brings a new twist of training to the table which I love!! He does not “preach” to the staff on what they should or should not be doing. Instead he “listens” to them, finding out their challenges, and area’s of weakness. He then customizes the training to their needs, while making them interactive the entire time. This been extremely effective for us, and we look forward to him returning.”

Nancy Gordon

General Manager, Quest Fitness- Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Learn how to hire and train your staff members, manage your club, improve your company culture and perform an organizational assessment of your fitness facility.

Hire and Train Talent

It has been proven that superior talent is up to eight times more productive than average talent, yet often entities struggle to find and keep exceptional people. Active Entities is one of the few firms who has access to a robust industry-specific talent pool that has resulted in placing hundreds of professionals in high level positions throughout the industry. Additionally, we understand that talent is scarce and to that end, we work with entities who are committed to growing and developing talent within their respective organizations.

Manage Your Club

Often, facilities lose key leadership members on short notice and struggle to maintain day-to-day operational success due to a lack of direction. Our team has extensive operational experience and is equipped to step in and manage facilities while they transition and adapt to changes in leadership. Additionally, Active Entities is one of the
only firms in the country that has had success with both profitable and non-profit organizations and is familiar with the nuances that come with each of them.

Improve Organizational Culture

A healthy corporate culture is essential in an industry that is dependent on human interaction. Additionally, the cost of disengagement as well as the cost of replacing talent with exceptional talent has increased significantly. Our team will evaluate your organization and determine if the vision and strategy set forth is being implemented by your team. Our team building exercises — such as our Apollo 13 Lunar Leadership program — are exciting and productive, and often work to reset goals and objectives for your team to focus on.

Assess Your Entity

An organizational assessment is a systematic process for obtaining valid information about the performance of your organization and factors that affect productivity. This process is designed to help owners and operators assess where their organization is and change processes, identify gaps, transform risk/issues and determine what is needed to move forward effectively.

“Bobby has been a phenomenal resource for our business over the past few years, his ideas have helped guide us in a direction we would have never gone on our own! His help and support took the pressure off of us and allowed us to pursue our dream!”

Edward Gemdjian

Founder, Team Awesome, LLC


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