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The Inside Track

With Richard Synnott and Bobby Verdun

Join Ryan Charlesworth & Dr Glenda Rivoallan as they talk to industry legends Richard Synnott and Bobby Verdun

Bobby is the founder and president of Active Entities, a fitness business consultancy working accross the USA with a wide variety of gyms and fitness businesses

Richard is Vice president and affectiionately known as the beard of knowledge amongst his friends as there is very little Richard hasnt done or doesnt know in our industry

The Gym Owner’s Fitness Business Podcast

Current State Of The Fitness Industry In The USA

Bobby Verdun And Richard Synnott of Active Entities talk with Mel Tempest about the current state of the fitness industry in the USA, future trends, leadership and the suppliers who will lead the way in 2022
Gym Owners podcast

The Business Side of Fitness

Episode #113: The medical fitness opportunity with Bobby Verdun

Although it’s tempting to feel like “we’re back”, 47% of people in the fitness industry have lost their jobs while 20% of gyms and studios have permanently closed.

WHAT are we doing about it?

Bobby Verdun, Founder and President of Active Entities believes one of the biggest untapped opportunities is closing the gap between the medical and fitness industries.

Vanessa Sereriano

Halo Talks Podcast

Episode #283: Bobby Verdun, CEO, Active Entities

Active Entities Founder Bobby Verdun shares his in-the-trenches experiences with independent “big box” operators, chats about why it’s important to consider increasing prices, provides some tips for independent clubs who may feel they’re “on an island,” what clubs are doing now to get people in the door, and more!
halo podcast interview with bobby verdun

The Active Life Podcast

Empowering Your Team to Be Great with Bobby Verdun

As someone who has worked with hundreds of clubs around the world and has been a featured speaker at universities, fortune 500 companies, and industry conferences. Bobby Verdun has mentored hundreds of owners and operators to success and profitability. In this podcast, Dr. Sean Pastuch talks with Bobby about his journey towards launching Active Entities. They also discuss the components of building a gym for success such as how to lead with value and building and empowering your team.
Bobby Verdun founder of active entities

Gym Owners And Womens Leaders Fitness Business Podcast

Fitness Business with Active Entities

The team at Active Entities worked with over one hundred clubs during COVID each club has now opened and stayed profitable. Geoff Hampton, Bobby Verdun and Richard Synnott of Active Entities discuss getting non-active consumers active, plus all about some of the biggest names in the industry now collaborating with the Active team.
This episode also touches on upcoming events and how you can be involved in creating a stronger pathway for fitness business professionals globally.
mel tempest, rich synnott, geoff hampton and bobby verdun,,

Gym Owners And Womens Leaders Fitness Business Podcast

A discussion with Rich Synnott at Active Entities

Mel and Richard talk about the fitness industry the future of Active Entities and this week and upcoming events in the USA.

Mel tempest and richard synnott of active entities

In the Press…


Bobby Verdun featured in CLUB INDUSTRY Magazine

Leaders within the health and wellness industry weigh in on the trends they believe will impact 2023.

athlete dusting hands in background with 2023 predictions headline

Honesty, Integrity & Transparency in the Fitness Industry

Article written for Fitrec Magazine

People are starting to walk back through the gym doors again! How do you pick up your relationship with your clients again? We have some advice on rebuilding your business….with integrity.

fit rec magazine article screenshot