Active Entities Mission Initiatives

The Mission

Active Entities’ approach to support initiatives in the active living space is based on a collaborative framework with partners who have proven and unmatched records of success.

The Active Entities Advisory Board is a Who’s Who of global leaders in their respective industries and are dedicated to creating pathways of inclusion as we seek to create powerful change across the globe.

Active Entities Initiatives

The pandemic exposed significant shortcomings in the active living industry. These have to be addressed in order to, not only survive, but thrive as we move forward. To that end our Global Advisory Board provides guidance, methodology, and support to our team as we bring forth support to create pathways of success for the following initiatives:

medical fitness

Medical Fitness

The misnomer regarding medical fitness is thinking that by placing physical therapy into a health club you can consider yourself a medical fitness entity. The truth is nearly 71% of individuals who seek therapeutic services are in a deconditioned state. Additionally, while individuals who regularly visit a health club may be building muscle and stamina, preventing disease and reducing long term health risks are usually not addressed.

Medical Fitness is an individualized health risk management model designed to maximize a person’s health and quality of life. Actively managing lifestyles and lowering health risks are the primary focuses of this initiative. Our team of experts will guide you through the process of becoming a certified and accredited medical fitness center and how to successfully run a medical fitness entity.

Active Women logo

Active Women

Above anything else, Active Entities is committed to making a difference in the lives of our clients and professionals whom we encounter throughout the Active Living industry. A common theme we’ve found over the last three years has been the need for support, guidance and opportunities for women to grow professionally in the Active Living space.

To that end we’ve assembled a “Dream Team” of women from a variety of fields with the goal being to provide the next generation of women an opportunity to not only survive… but thrive as entrepreneurs, owners, and operators in the industry and beyond.

woman practicing a striking move

Women’s Self-Defense

The Active Entities team strongly believes that all active living facilities and their communities should be resources for life changing skill building sets – both physically and emotionally. A critical area we are focusing on is preparing women for the ever increasing level of violence that they face in the community, in the workplace, and the home.

The U. N. has designated violence against women as a “shadow pandemic”. Women’s groups such as realtors, healthcare workers, students and many others are quantifiably at high risk for violence. We intend to help overcome the misconceptions about what preparations women should undertake in order to prepare themselves. Our global initiatives include regional support networks to ensure the needed message and the needed solutions are readily available for women everywhere.

man running on treadmill in empty gym

Healthy Living programming for the deconditioned individual

One of the greatest tragedies felt throughout the pandemic was the devastation and loss of life for deconditioned individuals. Deconditioning is brought on by inactivity which greatly impacts the functionality of body systems leading to illness, disability, chronic disease, and depression.

Re-conditioning is a long but important process that can be overwhelming to individuals and only begins when there is a commitment to maintaining or restoring functional independence thru a coordinated effort led by professionals. Our programming methodology is medically based and methodically brought forth to create extended pathways for individuals needing support.

mind and fitness

Connecting emotional wellbeing with physical activity

According to Dr. Charles Goodstein, “thoughts and feelings as they are generated within the mind can influence the outpouring hormones from the endocrine system, which in effect control much of what goes on with in the body”.

There is a proven connection between what the mind is thinking and those parts of the brain that control body functions. As active living professionals, we believe there is, not only an opportunity, but a responsibility to put forth programming that goes beyond the physical and supports the emotional growth of members.

nutrition and well being

Nutrition, Active Aging, and Wellness Servicing and Programming

Providing information on cholesterol or improving blood sugar should be part of any active living program model. Additionally, important wellness initiatives such as active aging tracks, sleep, recovery methodology, and injury prevention programs are all part of our focus as we look to expand the continuum of care with members.
group of people silhouetted against a network graphic

Regional and Global networking and support

The power of our live regional events has been felt by many clubs as we were the first to host live events post pandemic. The combination of fitness and wellness leaders, and experts from other industries, has impacted leadership wherever we have gone.

Participants leave with not only a plethora of support partners but are able to connect with “like” entities and form professional brotherhoods. Our goal over the next 18 months is to have regional networks set up globally to support local entities and help them not only survive… but thrive.


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