They say as long as you’re still alive, you always have the chance to start again. With over 30 independent and medical fitness clubs represented, the “Battle for Independents” was won at Newtown. Jim Worthington’s Newtown Athletic Club a served as a backdrop for a symposium hosted by Active Entities Consulting.

checking in event attendees

Seven states were represented, and nearly 100 participants were treated to seven engaging sessions as industry experts Larry Conner, Geoff Hampton, and Hervey Lavoie combined with Tom Johnston, Dr. Sean Pastuch, Matt Wright, and Brie Feinour to put forth an informative and entertaining day. Rounding out the symposium was a host of enthusiastic sponsors ranging from Matrix, Pulse North America, Twin Oaks, Matrix, MyZone, VertiMax, and Precor to new products already making a name for themselves in the Active Living space.

seminar presentation

“Our goal with each of our presentations is to provide a mix of speakers and supporters both from the industry and new to the industry”, states Active Entities President Bobby Verdun. “We’ve got some amazing partners that are new to the industry like Safety NetAccess, Surgically Clean Air, and Aevium College Tuition Benefits- each bringing a nuance and service to the industry that is new and exciting”, states Verdun. Rounding out the group of supporters is Kompan, a global leader in outdoor play and fitness equipment that is quickly making an impact in the active living space.

one of the panels at the Newtown event

The day began with a heartfelt introduction by Newtown Athletic Club Owner Jim Worthington who spoke about the importance of advocacy, and specifically, about The Gyms Act which is currently working its way through consideration in Washington. “Jim’s passionate statement about the bill was felt by all of us as he brought forth how important passing the Gyms Act is, not only financially, but culturally. The Health Club industry, as a whole, has a chance to unite and rally behind something important… and do it together”, states Vice- President Richard Synnott. “IHRSA (International Health and Racquet Sports Association) has done a great job bringing attention to the significance of the Act and we proudly support Brent and his team at IHRSA any way we can to get this important legislation passed”.

another presentation at the event

The move to create Regional Strategic Profit Programs is the vision of Vice- President of Business Development Geoff Hampton whose foresight to create affordable and easily accessible locations for clubs to connect, learn, and grow was actually something he created years ago. “It’s back to the future actually”, states Hampton. “We know that there are thousands of clubs right now that have survived, but they are fragile. They need information, and want to be around like-minded industry professionals… but can only do it in a way that is affordable and easy to travel to. The regional presentations provide, not only learning, but also opportunities for our sponsors to spend time with potential customers.”

female speaker at the event

In addition to the Regional Profit Network series, Active Entities is expanding into several new spaces as well. Led by Mel Tempest and Stephanie Salinas, Active Entities is launching “Active Women” – a program specifically designed to support, develop, and create opportunities to become business owners in the active living space. “We’re excited about this program as already it has brought forth some exceptional strategic partners and advisors”, states Verdun. “Our goal is to provide affordable, informative, and supportive pathways for women who have wanted to own and develop businesses in the industry but didn’t have the resources or confidence to do so. Mel and Steph are two exceptionally gifted and strong women who have been thru the process a number of times and are inspired to support the next wave of young women”.

Medically integrated health and fitness center support is a niche that is quickly expanding for the team at Active Entities. Already presenting on several virtual events and engaged with multiple medical fitness facilities, Active Entities will be represented by Hampton this fall at the MFA convention in Texas as he is scheduled to present. “The BUSINESS of Medical Fitness is our expertise”, states Verdun. “Integrating strategic operational systems, and managing medical fitness entities is an intricate process. We have proven experts like Geoff, Mark Cuatt, and Rich Synnott who have had tremendous success in the space. We are excited to move forward and continue to develop partnerships with medical fitness entities.

Upcoming regional symposiums are scheduled for Massachusetts in August, the Mid-Atlantic states in November, the Southern states in early 2022, and then Europe by the summer of 2022. Says Verdun, “it’s a blast honestly. We’ve got incredibly talented and passionate professionals on our team who love to connect and make a difference. That’s the essence of success in the industry isn’t it? “ Based on the success the team is having, it sure is.