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Active Entities has partnered with a team of service providers that represent the best in the business. From workout equipment to wifi service, our vendor partners help our clients create world-class fitness facilities.
safety net access

Safety Net Access

Tech Services Provider

A gym is just a gym, right? WRONG!

A gym is a fitness center – to belong, engage, and connect!

Belong – state of the art equipment with complete Wi-Fi connectivity

Engage – with others and have the ability to track workouts without any dead zones for connection.

Connect – with fitness equipment and other members

With Safety NetAccess we provide cost savings month after month to improve your bottom line.


You don’t need a specialist for every system, we seamlessly combine your systems into a single enterprise network while reducing technology costs by 30-50%. Imagine only having one resource for:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Business Phones
  • Cameras
  • Sound
  • Computers
  • Building Automation (innovative applications to control lights, music, etc.)
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We are here when you need us – 24/7, 365 and our support center answers all calls within 30-60 seconds!


With over 20 years of technology expertise, we are always looking towards the future and to share anticipated trends with our clients.

Without hesitation the first thing that comes to mind with Safety Net Access is integrity. I’ve known Sean for over 20 years and everything he brings forth is in the best interest of his clients. He and his talented team are redefining how technology can streamline operations and are bringing dynamic methodology to the active living space that transforms the industry.

Bobby Verdun

Founder & President, Active Entities

jenns web wordpress site design

Jenn’s Web

Website Design & Development

Whether you are just starting out or have been in the fitness industry for years, Jenn’s Web can help you create a website that truly reflects your business and its culture. From creating e-commerce sites for national fitness brands, to helping personal trainers launch their first website, each client has a unique style and needs.

In today’s world, your website is very likely the first impression that your potential clients will have of you. Make it count with a site that is easy to use, and fun!

Jennifer is the ultimate collaborator as she’s able to capture the culture of your business perfectly and put forth messaging that is strong and inviting to the community you market to. Her knowledge of social media combined with her competitive spirit to put forth the best presentation for your organization is unmatched. As Soto once stated, “individually we are one drop; but together we are an ocean”… Jennifer is someone you want as a business partner as she will take your website and messaging from good… to great.

Bobby Verdun

Founder & President, Active Entities

TMI sustainable aquatics

TMI Sustainable Aquatics

Water Systems

TMI has been trusted for more than 20 years to provide the highest quality water using Salt Pure® and UV systems that serve to elevate the water and air quality. Our results stimulate many compliments, thereby increasing revenue potential and reducing the environmental footprint while upgrading the member experience. Our Internet Chemistry Controllers with zLOG ®, boast a TMI designed web-based data collection portal.

ZGEN Hypochlorous Acid Generators is the latest in the TMI line up. The technology from our aquatic units was used to create an on-site disinfection making machine, allowing clients to produce disinfection at the rate and amounts they need. HOCl is an EPA N List approved disinfectant, the category you need against coronaviruses. HOCl can clean and deodorize while it disinfects. At a cost of under $0.05 per gallon to current market prices of $15.00+, the cost saving benefits to producing your own solution in the long run is amazing.

Salt water systems add such an important element to the member experience and nobody does it better than Timothy and Michelle. Their knowledge of operational systems extend far beyond the “X and O’s of filtration as they truly work as collaborators to bring success to your aquatics offerings.
Bobby Verdun

Founder & President, Active Entities

active life logo

Active Life

Fitness Program Consultants

Active Life is an extraordinary and important offering that bridges the fitness and healthcare industries by educating and professionalizing the art of personal and group training. The results are increased value, improved skillsets, and a proven systematic approach to running a successful training business.

I emphatically believe that, moving forward, one of the most important initiatives for the Active Living industry will be to build a strong relationship with the Healthcare industry. Dr. Sean and his team will play a tremendously important role in that process. I’ve seen first-hand how the methodology, education, and commitment to excellence that the Active Life team brings with them transforms programs into powerful retention mechanisms and significant income generation programs.

Bobby Verdun

Founder & President, Active Entities

twin oaks software

Twin Oaks

Facility Software

For over 30 years Twin Oaks has been a trusted and affordable software and EFT billing service leader in the active living space. Simple yet sophisticated software combined with award winning service have been the formula for success for Twin Oaks since it was introduced to the industry in 1991.

Quality is never an accident. It’s always the result of exceptional effort. Above anything else, Carole and her team are the most intuitive group of people committed to exceeding expectations. In my opinion they represent the best of the best.

Bobby Verdun

Founder & President, Active Entities

brand X logo

The Brand X Method®

Youth Fitness

For more than 20 years, Mikki and Jeff Martin have been driven by a relentless pursuit of best practices in youth training. Their focus on motor pattern training and physical literacy enhancement optimizes kids’ fitness and elevates their athleticism. The result is the mastery, confidence, and motivation that kids develop in these dynamic programs are the ingredients of freedom and fearlessness. The Brand X Method® instills the essence of adventure, passion, and joy in kids and teens when playing their favorite sports, trying new things, and tackling life’s challenges so they can step out of our gyms knowing they can do whatever they set out to do.
Brand X® provides Youth Program Systems, including World Class Digital Youth Fitness Coaching Education, Live Master Classes, Programming and Resources that create Plug & Play Youth Fitness Program Solutions for Coaches & Trainers, Organizations, Educators, and Parents.

The Brand X suite of Youth Fitness Program offerings is designed to provide organizations, large scale to boutique style gyms as well as Teachers and Educators- the ability to successfully run a sustainable Youth Program.

The passion, compassion, expertise, and enthusiasm Mikki and Jeff bring with Brand X is unmatched by anyone in the industry with regards to kids programming. They are an incredibly rare duo whose ability to create impactful programming has resulted in positively impacting thousands of lives while building productive revenue streams for facilities throughout the country. Simply stated, there is nobody better at introducing active living to children than Mikki and Jeff Martin.
Bobby Verdun

Founder & President, Active Entities


Aveum/Tuition Rewards

Membership Benefits

The Aveum/Tuition Rewards program is an exciting way for clubs to strengthen the bond they have with members while giving members an opportunity to invest in college education. In the last 5 years over 100 new private colleges joined this program which was formed in 1995 with the purpose of promoting the values and affordability of private higher education. The program is a win-win offering for clubs looking to create tremendous added value for their members.

AJ and Denis have created a tremendous pathway for clubs to engage and support members beyond just their fitness experiences. The program is a tremendous fit with any organization looking to, not only enhance the member experience, but reward great members who are preparing for the financial challenge of paying for college education.

Bobby Verdun

Founder & President, Active Entities

Microfit Logo


Assessment Software

With Fitness assessments now considered one of the “best practices” for organizations, The Microfit system not only creates an exceptional member experience, it has proven to increase retention in clubs for decades. Microfit has been a leader in producing quality assessment software since 1986 and has serviced thousands of customers ranging from traditional clubs to colleges/universities, recreation centers, first responder centers, and hospital based medical fitness entities.

Microfit is a proven winner that positively impacts the on-boarding process of new members and dramatically impacts retention.

Bobby Verdun

Founder & President, Active Entities

surgically clean air

Surgically Clean Air

Facility Air Purification

Statistics state that over 68% of human disease is spread through indoor air. Combined with the challenges people have faced in recent months regarding Covid-19, Surgically Clean Air is the obvious and affordable solution. Now located in over 7,000 medical facilities as well as utilized by major sports teams like the Boston Bruins, Baltimore Orioles, Milwaukee Bucks, and Toronto Raptors, Surgically Clean Air purifiers are proving to be an essential piece of equipment for any facility that hosts active living events.

In today’s world there is nothing more powerful than the word SAFE. Being able to tell members and future members you have surgically clean air throughout your facility is a game changer. Hall of Famer and former Women’s national hockey team star Kelly Dyer Hayes knows a lot about how to change a game!!!

Bobby Verdun

Founder & President, Active Entities

NIMBL muscle recovery tools


Muscle Recovery Tools

NIMBL grew out of a desire to help our co-founder’s wife in her struggle with polio. She had tried a wide range of percussion products and they made her condition worse. So we set out to make a better, more refined percussion device, with better ergonomics, more refined speed settings, custom attachments and peacefully quiet while in use. The result is the NIMBL XLR8 and XPRS percussion guns.

The magic of our industry is found in people and the stories they have to tell.  The story behind NIMBL is incredible and only matched by the product they’ve created. Having percussion recovery instruments available for members is becoming a must for any successful active living program and NIMBL puts forth one of the best the market has to offer.

Bobby Verdun

Founder & President, Active Entities

My Zone fitness tracker


Re-manufactured Equipment

In the Active Living space, accountability is one of the most important ingredients in the formula for success for any sustained programming effort. The Myzone system is an essential tool for individuals and clubs who want to bring fun to a workout while tracking the results they’ve achieved. My Zone transforms training sessions giving them a competitive edge with live data members can view as they workout.

The Myzone system is like having an additional coach that holds the community of participants accountable throughout their workout. I think it’s an exceptional tool and often a differentiator with regards to taking a good program to the next level.

Bobby Verdun

Founder & President, Active Entities

vertimax logo


Training Equipment

VertiMax is the world’s leading athletic training system designed for developing speed, strength, and explosive power. From Olympians to youth sports, the resistance technology combined with the versatility of the platform has been a game changer for athletes looking to improve and remain healthy.

As a former collegiate basketball and tennis coach I can say without hesitation the VertiMax platform is the most versatile piece of equipment I’ve ever used to train elite players. It is a MUST GET for any high performance program.

Bobby Verdun

Founder & President, Active Entities

Kompan logo


Innovative Playground Equipment

KOMPAN playground equipment provides the WOW factor that encourages children to play and adults to exercise by creating unique and inspiring solutions. Visually stunning, and almost completely bullet-proof playground products spark wonder and curiosity in children and ignite the drive for adults to become active and fit.

Kompan is one of the best kept secrets in the industry as their incredible designs have a magnetic wow factor that draws in both kids and adults. As clubs look to expand program models and create “clubs without walls”, I personally would start by speaking to Kevin and Kompan.

Bobby Verdun

Founder & President, Active Entities

OLC (Olson Lavoie Corporation)

International Architecture Firm

OLC (Ohlson Lavoie Corporation) is an international architecture firm founded in 1961 and headquartered in Denver with offices in Orlando, Columbus, Tokyo, and Cairo that has served clients globally, from North America to Asia to the Middle East. Licensed in 26 states, OLC has overseen projects spanning across 47 states and 11 countries. In addition to the firm’s expertise with athletic, fitness and wellness facilities, OLC has broad experience in healthcare, hospitality and other commercial building types.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with Hervey and his team for twenty years and their intuitiveness, experience, and uncanny ability to preserve the integrity of an owner’s vision and bring it to life is absolutely unmatched.

Bobby Verdun

Founder & President, Active Entities


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