Getting Ready to Launch

Arguably the most important time in the development of a new entity is prior to its opening date. Our team has overseen or directed numerous successful launches that have resulted in exceeding projections and successfully opening facilities.

This period — which often starts months before the official opening — involves many intricate initiatives that happen simultaneously, including hiring and training staff, creating and implementing systems, engaging a comprehensive marketing and messaging plan, on-boarding new members successfully, ordering equipment and setting up all the back office and software reporting systems. Our team has had tremendous success launching entities in many locations, from New Hampshire and California to Michigan and Florida.

launching a business showing a rocket launch

Active Entities Consulting has taken everything I initially had as a dream in my mind, and is making it a reality. Every meeting from that first consult has helped build the foundation brick by brick with professionalism, insight, and with expertise among their entire team. Super entities! In many ways they are like superheroes with powers of financials, wisdom, connection, planning, mentoring and so much more.

Having a dream like this is a huge undertaking, and has moments where you question and hesitate. You will be met in these moments too. Questions are answered, your direction is guided with AEC lighting the path for you to succeed.

The biggest first step is taking it. I strongly recommend clicking on that contact link, or making the call. AEC is an absolute game changer in my future fitness business. Whether you are looking to build a business, or strengthen your current business, AEC is the place to be to make it happen.

Partner up, and make your dreams a reality!

Susan Lambert

Owner, Lambert Crush Fitness

Soft and Grand Opening Planning

Coordinating a soft-opening of your new club is an opportunity to provide real time training for your staff as well as to identify challenges and opportunities that develop before the club officially goes “live”.

Our well- coordinated “run thru’s” provide a platform for valuable feedback and also gives the team time to make needed adjustments. Soft Openings are often utilized to invite special guests and preferred customers to get a “sneak preview” of the club thus creating a buzz for what is to come.

new gym waiting for members

The Grand Opening is a celebrated social event intended to introduce your new club to the community.

Among our checklist items are:

  • Budget appropriately for a spectacular event (you are only new once!)
  • Create Invitations to family and friends, business partners, financiers, contractors, and neighboring businesses
  • Decide on communication/marketing strategy (Press releases, social media, digital marketing, etc.)
  • Create an agenda for the first 3 days of operation
  • Have additional activities that go beyond the offerings of your facility (for example face painting for kids)
  • Hire a photographer
  • Create set up/clean up crew duties and responsibilities
  • Iron out potential parking challenges (distribute a coordinated schedule of events and classes for each day)
  • Have giveaways/door prizes to give out by energetic greeters
  • Have live music and a connection to the community/schools
  • Execute a ribbon cutting ceremony
  • Capture all participants names, emails, phone numbers, and addresses
  • Ensure all participants sign waivers
  • Have additional membership coordinators on duty to handle a large amount of business
  • Have a staff appreciation event

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