Active Entities consulting is once again on the move! After hosting a number of highly attended Zoom meetings throughout Covid-19, the firm is taking to the road as they announce the first of several in-person presentations across the country.

“We’re excited to be able to connect with people in person as opposed to virtually”, states Founder and President Bobby Verdun. “We’ve worked with hundreds of clubs throughout the Pandemic that are very much alive and eager to engage with us in person”.

The first “show” will take place at the vaunted Newtown Athletic Club. “There is no better place to start than one of the finest clubs in the world”, states Verdun. “It’s commitment to excellence and passion to continuously improve is an example to anyone in the industry”. It’s also not a coincidence the club is independently owned by Jim Worthington as the firm’s focus is supporting independently owned clubs and fighting the fight against low-cost offerings”. “The industry has to get away from cheapening active living options and put forth solutions that work. In order for credibility to be re-established or even established in some instances, changes have to happen”.

The emphasis on “going live” so to speak is on the heels of the group adding Geoff Hampton to the team. Geoff came on the team as a Senior Partner but quickly took the reins as Vice President of Business Development. “The 1-2 punch of Geoff and Rich Synnott, who is one of the most successful operators New England has ever seen, is as good as any combination there is in the industry. The two of them have produced millions of dollars in business over the years and are motivated and inspired to support owners and operators struggling through tough times”, states Verdun.

Geoff Hampton

Geoff Hampton

Rich Synott

Rich Synnott

While setbacks the industry has endured throughout the pandemic have resulted in nearly 22% of all clubs closing permanently, Verdun sees this as an opportunity for existing clubs and future clubs to service displaced members. “Active Living entities have been the epicenter of activity for communities for years and that’s not going to go away. What will change are the expectations that members and future members have with regards to what value each membership brings. “

The Active Entities team is looking at stops in North Carolina, Florida, California, Rhode Island, and Michigan over the next several months as well as a tour of Europe next Winter. “We’ve heard from hundreds of clubs and thousands of industry professionals throughout the stoppage that they want more than they’ve been given. We’re excited to fill that void.. and then some!