What Our Clients are Saying

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Bobby Verdun on a number of occasions on projects ranging from running an operation to business planning and business development. He leverages his experience, knowledge and wide range of relationships to deliver. He’s also a real pleasure to work with.”

Herve Sedky

Owner of Leap Fitness

“The combination of his successful fitness management experience in various settings with his understanding of key industry metrics and how to implement them was exactly what we needed to move from good club to leading club even with increased competition.”

Brian McDermott

Director of Enterprise Services – Courts Plus

“Bobby has been a phenomenal resource for our business over the past few years, his ideas have helped guide us in a direction we would have never gone on our own! His help and support took the pressure off of us and allowed us to pursue our dream!”

Edward Gemdjian

Founder of Team Awesome, LLC

“I have been working with Bobby for more than 6 years and can’t say enough about him. Between his insight, experience, integrity, and great attitude, I couldn’t ask for anyone better to help me grow my company. I’m looking forward to our next 6 years.”

Jim Grapek

CEO of The Pavilion Center

“Bobby has a vast knowledge of the industry. Our first gym and first time in this business and Bobby has helped make it a great success. We are now looking at a second and possibly more locations with Bobby’s help. If you are looking to enter, improve or expand in the fitness industry, then Bobby is the person to help you.”

Elliott Chamberlain

Owner of NXGen Fitness Center

“Bobby, Rich, and the Active Entities Team were an integral part of the development and design of my startup business. Their professional expertise in gym consulting and connections with startup financial management bridged the gap between concept and reality. I look forward to working with his team in the future.”

– Eric Evans, Unleashed Park

“As a successful High Performance Coach I’ve had my share of “wins” with players I’ve worked with excelling at the college and professional level. As I jumped into the world of operations I realized that although many of my skills were transferable, many were needed. Over the course of the time working with Bobby, my skill sets and confidence grew considerably which resulted in our business virtually tripling in membership and ancillary pockets growing considerably. The Active Entities“Funnel System” continues to support and develop relationships with future members and our business continues to grow.”

– Joe Ciardelli, Takedown Gym

“Active Entities has been a strong partner in addressing challenges, creatively seeking new opportunities, defining measurable goals, equipping us with the right tools and using their networking power to culminate a company wide improvement. The passion we’ve been met with and services we have received to build our product and culture have shown attainable success. Active Entities has been a critical piece of our development over the past year in which we have no doubt will pay back dividends for years to come.”

– Mike Simpson, CFO, TBK Bank Sports Complex, Bettendorf, IA

“I am the owner of Bend Fitness in Mooresville NC. My business is a facility to provide trainers a place to train their clients. Having finally secured a location for the Workout Loft and was able to work closely with Bobby Verdun of Active Entities Consulting. My prior experience of working for both Bobby Verdun and Rich Synnott (who helped me with a fitness center in Massachusetts) at the Weymouth Club, this was a whole new level for me and an opportunity to learn from the experts in the fitness industry field.

It is one thing to understand personal training, it is another to put that together with a business for personal training. Bend Fitness, while not the first, is a relatively new concept for personal trainers, fitness instructors, and anyone in the health and fitness industry. This startup has been incredibly challenging. The Active Entities team set benchmarks and phases for which to follow to obtain a solid clientele. After establishing the term, Workout Loft, the team guided me through the process of how to reach a target market with little to no funding de to pandemic challenges.

The support alone provided by the Active Entities team through this incredibly difficult time was such a bright light in a dark time for any small business. For that, I am immensely grateful to have such experts empowering me to push on through and reminding me to believe this is possible.

To have this team of experts in my corner is exceptionally powerful for my new business venture. I am looking forward to what happens next!”

-Beth Atwood, Bend Fitness

“Active Entities has proven that they have the experience, dedication, and creative minds to set our business up for success moving forward. They have continued to improve our operations, quality of staff, and marketing tactics. Whether you’re a gym fighting to get to the next level or a facility that is already very successful, AE has the consultants to boost your business to the next step and beyond. Thank you for everything you’ve done for us and I look forward to continuing our partnership!”

– Chris Davis, General Manager, The Club on Central, McKinleyville, California

“As new gym owners, we count ourselves extremely fortunate to have met Bobby. Bobby takes a very hands-on approach and has demonstrated a vested interest in getting to know us and our business. He has a vast knowledge of operational efficiencies and sales practices, and has shared many new and exciting ideas for generating new client leads and revenue lines. His commitment to our project is remarkable, and it feels more like we’re working with a business partner than a consultant.”

– Mark Buckley-Jones, Owner, Colosseum Gym, Newark, NJ

“I have been working with Bobby on and off for 10 years and have not come across a person in the industry (or professional) who is more consistent in their passion, purpose, and loyalty. Bobby has helped me grow through each phase of my professional journey, not just specifically to the fitness industry, but in any aspect of life. His industry knowledge, insight, and network is the strongest I’ve seen. Bobby is not just a consultant to me, he is a mentor and a friend, and I am a better professional and person because of him.”

– Sean Todman – Renaissance Athletic Club, Benton Harbor, Mi.

“Active Entities Consulting has taken everything I initially had as a dream in my mind, and is making it a reality. Every meeting from that first consult has helped build the foundation brick by brick with professionalism, insight, and with expertise among their entire team. Super entities! In many ways they are like super heroes with powers of financials, wisdom, connection, planning, mentoring and so much more.

Having a dream like this is a huge undertaking, and has moments where you question and hesitate. You will be met in these moments too. Questions are answered, your direction is guided with AEC lighting the path for you to succeed.

The biggest first step is taking it. I strongly recommend clicking on that contact link, or making the call. AEC is an absolute game changer in my future fitness business. Whether you are looking to build a business, or strengthen your current business, AEC is the place to be to make it happen.

Partner up, and make your dreams a reality!”

– Susan Lambert, Owner, Lambert Crush Fitness

“Bobby has a vast knowledge of the industry. Our first gym and first time in this business and Bobby has helped make it a great success. We are now looking at a second and possibly more locations with Bobby’s help. If you are looking to enter, improve or expand in the fitness industry, then Bobby is the person to help you.”

– Elliott Chamberlain – Owner, NxGen Fitness Scarborough, Maine

“The combination of Bobby’s successful fitness management experience in various settings with his understanding of key industry metrics and how to implement them was exactly what we needed to move from good club to leading club even with increased competition.”

– Brian McDermott – Director of Enterprise Services – Courts Plus Elmhurst, Illinois

“Richard Synnott was instrumental in providing the leadership to develop a small, rural aquatic center into a regional aquatic and fitness center. His experience enabled the facility to grow, not only its base membership, but also created new programs that appealed to a larger market segment to expand the potential for additional members. Within a short period of time he created systems to develop lasting relationships with members and the community at large. His leadership created a need for additional
space and he acted as the construction manager for a $4 million facility expansion. His knowledge of systems and budgets left us with excellent management tools for our staff. His knowledge of the business is unsurpassed.”

– Andrea Ciardelli, President, Upper Valley Aquatic Center Board of Directors

“I hired Bobby when I decided to open a fitness club, and he was a mentor, advisor, and experienced consultant who guided me throughout the process. Despite having over 10 years of experience in the fitness industry, I never could have accomplished what I did without his help and guidance.”

– Kim Dawson – Business Strategist

“My work with Bobby had been nothing more than extraordinary. His hard work, dedication and attention to detail have made my business what it is today. His expertise allowed me everything I needed to start my business and bring it to a state of financial gain within 6 months!”

– Arica Rosenstrach – Owner at Club Life in New York

“I can’t say enough about my experience with Bobby Verdun and Active Entities. His expertise and encouragement have helped me become a successful business owner.

I first sought out Bobby’s help in a joint venture gym project. He helped our team set a business plan and realistic goals. His guidance and my instincts help me decide that it was a project that would not be successful for me. I spent a good deal of time after, waiting for the right opportunity to present itself.

When an appropriate space became available, Bobby encouraged me to revisit my business plans. He helped me restructure my business plan and negotiate my lease. He aligned me with an insurance agent and a fantastic equipment vendor, and he counseled me on what I needed to open my doors. He helped me cull through business names and logos, and he helped me figure out how to structure my fees and market myself.

I am into year two as owner of Harbor Fitness Studio in Marblehead, MA, and Bobby has never walked away from helping me. He keeps coming up with creative ideas for me to partner with other businesses and find new customers. His guidance and support during the pandemic and fitness center closures has been incredibly important to keeping my business alive. Bobby is very forward thinking about how to take my business to the next level. I do not think I would be where I am today professionally without Bobby’s guidance.”

-Kim Crowley, Owner, Harbor Fitness

“Bobby Verdun of Active Entities Consulting is that fitness professional steeped in knowledge, wide and deep, which can help gym developers find the quickest path to success in the fitness industry. A consultant proficient in blending expertise at the operational level, with articulate insights at the executive level. Bobby Verdun is a hands-on partner building sustainable long-term business models that dominate their marketplaces.”

– Cuoco Black – 2020

“Bobby is a transformational change agent. We worked with Bobby at a time where we needed to reimagine our organization. He picked up our vision quickly and was committed to helping us achieve it. He’s got a strong understanding of the health and wellness space and his creative strategies and tactics set us up for success.”

– Andrew Levy – Executive Director, Schwartz/Reisman Jewish Community Center

“In April of 2019, my partner and I purchased a majority stake in the Dartmouth Athletic Club, formerly known as Southcoast Fitness. After years of success, the club was experiencing declining revenues due to increased competition and poor management. As the 3 of us who are current owners all live in a different states from our club, it was important that we find the right personnel to manage and run our club effectively.

We began looking for a consulting group in April of 2019 and spoke with several before deciding on Active Entities Consulting. At first it was for the purpose of hiring and training a general manager, but after working with Bobby Verdun and his team and realizing how much they had to offer, we have remained a client of theirs every month since.

They have been helpful in all aspects of our club including interviewing,hiring and training staff,marketing our club,onboarding and most notably,increasing our bottom line.Their connections in the industry are vast and they have negotiated w/many of our vendors in helping us reduce costs.They have even connected us with an attorney to renegotiate our lease due to the restrictions on our club during COVID.

We have been working with their consultant, Lucy Barrett since May and she has been key in increasing the performance of our staff and developing and strengthening our personal training and group training programs. Lucy possesses a positive energy that is contagious and an uncanny ability to transfer that energy to our staff. She is thorough in her planning and has a wealth of good ideas that have translated into increased revenues.

I have been involved in the fitness industry for 37 years as a club owner, personal trainer and consultant myself. I know a good thing when I see it which is why we have remained a client of Active Entities Consulting these past 17 months and plan on continuing for many more to come. Our purpose of owning a club is twofold; to improve the health of our members and to be profitable in doing so. The return on investment that we have experienced since contracting with Active Entities Consulting has been much more than we could have hoped for and the best decision we have made since purchasing the D.A.C.”

– John Greeley, Director of Sales, Rebirth Fitness


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