Schwartz-Reisman & Prosserman Jewish Community Centres

About the Project

What were the goals of the project?

The goal of the Schwartz-Reisman Jewish Community Centre/Prosserman Jewish Community Centre project was to guide the team through a number of significant changes and developments. We aimed to:

  1. Perform an operational assessment of the organization
  2. Convert the existing entity to follow a member-base model
  3. Support the development of a pre-sale strategy for future expansion
  4. Upgrade the program model
  5. Create operational efficiency

What problem were we solving?

The problem we aimed to solve was to retain the cultural integrity of both entities while seamlessly upgrading systems, programs and membership models to create stronger pathways of inclusion.

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The Strategy

How did we deliver?

By way of daily virtual meetings and industry-relevant strategy, we tackled each aspect of the development of a strong program model and created conversion pathways for future membership growth.

How did we convert new customers?

  • We led program wall exercises which brought forth new opportunities for program expansion
  • We led the process of developing a new membership model for the organization
  • We supported the reorganization of responsibilities to produce a more streamlined and efficient approach to all operations
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The Results

What challenges arose and how did we rectify them?

Change is never an easy journey and it involves a number of intricate steps that must be vetted prior to launch. Each aspect of the project has been carefully constructed and prepared to be engaged by the fall of 2019.

What does success look like for the client?

The potential at both facilities will be met through a systematic approach to garner new members. The goal is to provide a current and vibrant schedule that includes both physical and cultural pathways of inclusion which will be achieved by creating and flawlessly executing a member-base program. Success for the client will be a successful launch of the new program model in the fall of 2019

What tools were used to drive results?

  1. Operational assessment
  2. Program Wall to evaluate current program methodology and offerings
  3. Upgrading of systems and processes
  4. The development of a pre-sale campaign for the fall of 2019
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