Ave Maria University School of Law Wellness Center

About the Project

What were the goals of the project?

Our goal was to develop and build a new fitness and wellness complex for the Ave Maria School of Law while incorporating fitness into the educational model.

What was the problem at hand?

The challenges of the Ave Maria Wellness Center project were two-fold — the University did not have an existing facility and the active program model in place was also extremely minimal.

Did we meet our goals?

Yes! We collaborated with the faculty and staff of Ave Maria School of Law to create a vibrant program model. We also developed an efficient, state-of-the-art space housing a fitness center, two basketball courts, a turf field and more.

Ave Maria School of Law

The Strategy

In what ways did/will we drive new business?

The program we created will be a key component to recruiting new students to the Ave Maria School of Law. As well, it will serve as a basis of an inclusive program model that will differentiate the school from other law schools across the country.

How did/will we convert new customers?

The program we created is an attractive amenity for incoming law students who are trying to balance the pressures of law school while maintaining an active lifestyle.

The Results

What deliverables did we meet?

All timelines for the project regarding program modeling, budging, equipment purchasing, and the development of the physical plant were met.

  • We created a program model that will seamlessly add the “Body” to the school’s mind/body/spirit program model
  • We provided direction and input on the development of the physical space
  • We provided support and direction with marketing and introducing the project to current and future students, faculty members and donors

What was the budget you were working with?

The project was estimated at roughly $3 million.

What does success look like for the client?

Thanks to the Wellness Center project, the Ave Maria School of Law will have an all-inclusive wellness program that gives students skills beyond the classroom that they’ll utilize for the rest of their lives.