By Geoff Hampton

Most health, fitness and medical fitness clubs know that incoming membership telephone calls represent a very important opportunity to increase membership sales. However, far too many do not understand the real why or how that maximum performance in this critical sales generator represents. As a result, mediocre performance is accepted and imagined as acceptable.
Most strong sales businesses KNOW the importance of that ringing phone and what the opportunity means in terms of increased sales results and ROI in marketing and promotion. Most strong sales businesses engage strong staff training, effective word tracks, goal setting and performance analysis. How about yours?
Have you ever calculated the cost per incoming telephone membership inquiry? These calls are the result your marketing and promotion. They are expensive! So why not view this opportunity for what it is? IMPORTANT!

Let’s review this opportunity in detail:

1. Who takes these calls?

If your business is not utilizing a stand- alone membership department then you are losing more opportunities than you think.

2. Of those who take these calls, what is their level of training?

Even a stand alone membership department who does not fully understand what these opportunities represent, or who misunderstand how important words and information on the phone are miss many opportunities to convert these callers to members.

3. What is your businesses bench marked expectation of performance in taking membership calls?

4. Do you accurately track performance?

You’d be surprised how many businesses use loose analysis and non- quantifiable information to evaluate performance in membership calls to appointments.

5. Do you use an actual word track or do representatives “wing it”?

Here are a couple of examples of performance and the difference between average performance and maximum performance:

value of 15 new members
value of 24 new members
overall analysis of member call optimization
The numbers don’t lie. As you may notice, it is equally important to engage bench marked performance standards appointment to show and first -time closing expectations. These represent a well- trained membership staff team that has been thoroughly trained, that use strong goal setting and whose performance is measured.

You don’t know what you don’t know until you know…you know?

Geoff Hampton
Geoff Hampton is an industry legend whose career exudes success wherever he has been. Recognized by IHRSA as “one of the most creative and far-thinking individuals in our industry”, Geoff honed his coaching skills under the tutelage of Anthony Robbins. A prolific author of more than 100 columns in print, Geoff has been published multiple times in Fitness Management, CBI Magazine, Club Business, Club Industry, World Gym Magazine, Skylands Magazine, and Peak Performance.