Dear Friends and members of the Active Entities Family,

It is with an incredibly heavy heart I share the news of the passing of my close friend Geoff Hampton. Geoff Hampton was a Fitness industry legend whose career exuded success in whatever he set out to do. Recognized by IHRSA as “one of the most creative and far-thinking individuals in our industry”, Geoff honed his coaching skills under the tutelage of Anthony Robbins. A prolific author of more than 100 columns in print, Geoff was published multiple times in Fitness Management, CBI Magazine, Club Business, Club Industry, World Gym Magazine, Skylands Magazine, and Peak Performance.

geoff with bobby verdun and rich synnott at cedardale event

Geoff Hampton at Active Entities’ “Fuel the Fire of Recovery” event at the Cedardale Fitness Club in Haverhill, MA in August 2021

Geoff had a tremendous passion for making a difference and it was evident in his strong support of youth programs around the world. He volunteered at the Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs in San Diego and Knoxville and continued to do so until taking on his position with Active Entities last year. His work with the Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs of Tennessee Valley led to the development and implementation of “Commit to be FIT” that was co-sponsored by the Tennessee Department of Health. The focus Geoff had for supporting youth programs is evident in his published column “Childhood Obesity and Related Ills”.

In his time consulting Geoff’s work impacted some of the most elite privately owned facilities in the United States such as Cederdale, The Bel Air Athletic Club, Colorado Athletic Clubs, McClean Racquet and Health, Ricochet Health and Racquet, and PureFitness Clubs. His impact on medical fitness is profound as systems and protocols implemented in medical fitness today originated from seminars Geoff presented years ago.

That’s the Geoff most of you knew. As for me? To put into words what Geoff has meant to our team, my family, and me personally is impossible. What I will share is one of my favorite moments I was lucky to have with him:

We had decided to do a live event at Newtown Athletic Club in May. Despite challenges brought forth by Covid, Geoff led the charge and we found ourselves in front of a sold out crowd at Newtown for the first live event the industry put forth post pandemic restrictions.

Masked/unmasked people were thrilled to be together and it was clear Geoff’s intuition was right. Then the magic really began as Geoff was once again owning a room presenting to a full house. I watched from the back as he proudly took to what he truly loved to do – MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

After the event I had breakfast with Geoff and he was beyond excited to “be back in front of people”. He told me “Active Entities is it Bobby.. it’s my last stop and it’s going to be bigger than anyone can imagine”. The conversation drifted as it always did. He spoke about his kids, how proud he was of his Granddaughter who was headed to the military, and the love of his life, Eileen. Yes Geoff, you were back and I was lucky to have a seat right next to you.

geoff making his presentation at Cedardale

Geoff making his presentation at Active Entities’ “Fuel the Fire of Recovery” event

I spoke to Geoff Hampton three times a day, every day. Whether he called me or I called him it always started with a rambunctious “BOBBY” in a raspy voice!!! He was genuine, smart, confident, tough, had great taste in music, LOVED his family, and laughed when I called him the “Moustache of Knowledge”.

It was exactly a month ago I was dropping Geoff off at Logan airport after a successful event we hosted at Cedardale . Not a fan of flying (yes he actually contemplated driving to Massachusetts from Tennessee!), he was bracing himself for the flight home. As I helped him with his luggage, he turned to me and we embraced. I thanked him for all he did and told him I loved him. Without hesitating he said “Love you too Kid.. we’re just beginning”. I know tomorrow I’ll wake up and the void will be felt. No calls or texts from the “Stash”… no motivational posts. We all lost a great one today… and I lost a brother.