I think the industry is very lucky to have someone like Jeff Perkins battling for us for the Gyms Act.  He battles daily for all of us and is incredibly capable and passionate in his quest to bring the Act to fruition.  While the industry leadership has many questions in front of them, there is no question we are lucky to have Jeff doing what he does for us.  I look forward to seeing him present at the Aevium Summit at Cedardale August 3rd.


I’ve recently had some incredible conversations with Justin Campbell of 3 Sages and Ed Navan, founder of The Covery and Regyman and I think both are far ahead of the curve with regards to recovery and restorative programming.  Their passion for it is contagious, knowledge of it deep, and quite honestly they are just two great people who anyone would enjoy engaging.  I think big things are ahead for both of them. 


I think the best part of hosting a live event is reconnecting with people and places that have been important to me.  People like Ed Soul of Beverly Athletic Club/Cambridge Athletic Clubs, The Gainsboros from Dedham Health and Athletic, Cindy Curley from Orchard Hills, and of course seeing Cedardale rise from the ashes with their incredible staff leading the charge.  The industry has taken a few on the chin recently but it’s people like this who keep it going. 


And speaking of great people, I think Dr. Sean Pastuch and his team from Active Life are bringing new levels of professionalism and accountability to Personal Training and are exactly what the industry needs in its quest to be recognized as essential.   The “numbahs” (as they say in Boston) they produce are incredible…but the buy in they get from trainers and the results they bring with their methodology ATTRACT trainers.  


I think one of the best things that has come to us from the Pandemic has been the development relationships with new vendors to the industry.  People like Kelly Hayes of Surgically Clean Air and my friend Sean Gorman of Safety NetAccess.  Is there anything that sounds safer than Surgically Clean Air???  Kelly is a world class individual and former world class hockey player who brings a level of excellence needed in our world.  We’re far from Covid being over and there may be nothing more powerful for a prospect to hear then when they walk into your club they are breathing surgically clean air.  And speaking of class, Sean Gorman, a former Boston Bruin, and his team at Safety NetAccess are bringing one stop technology to active living world and do so with integrity. These two dynamic leaders and what they bring are examples of what we need more of. 


I think I love watching and hearing about the history Hervey Lavoie and the OLC team are sharing on social media (GREAT job Jodi and Quinn!!!) .  60 years of unmatched success building some of the most amazing spaces our industry has ever seen.  I recently was lucky to have spent time with Hervey and Donnie at the Newtown Athletic Club and there is nothing better than experiencing an OLC project with their Senior Principals!!  Amazing people. 


I think it’s time we bring everyone under one tent.  Rip off the band aids.  Stop the splintering.  We’ve got boutique fitness over here.. YMCA’s over there… multi-purposeful clubs here and there but what we don’t have is a united voice for active living.  When the shut down happened we saw a blanket of rules everyone had to follow.  A 1500 sf boutique club and a 200,000 sf multi-purpose club were basically under the same guidelines.  Why did that happen? Why was the industry grouped with casinos?? Isn’t it time there is some unification of some sort to create one powerful voice???  


I think the commercial featuring the grandfather working out with a kettlebell so he can lift his granddaughter up to put a star on the tree is what it is all about.  If you haven’t seen it, find it and it will remind you of why you do what you do. 


I think Geoff Hampton’s presentation on the Shadow Pandemic (July 27th @ 9:30 am) is an important presentation.  Post pandemic numbers indicate attacks on women are occurring more frequently and the numbers of increased from 1 out of 7 experiencing an attack to now 1 out of 6.  Learn more about how your club can become an important resource to stopping violence. 


I think if you haven’t heard about the Aevium College Tuition program you will.  Not only is it a phenomenal retention tool, it is also a great added value benefit for your members.  Collegetuitionbenefit.com. Worth checking out!  

Plus one more…


Lastly, I think things happen for a reason… not sure why all the time and sometimes the things that happen are challenging ….But as they say, not all storms come to disrupt your life.. some come to clear a path.  

Stay Active!