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We look at your goals and needs to determine your best marketing approach. Every one of our clients has unique features that make them stand out. Working with you, we strive to bring out the qualities that you want to show the world. Whether you are building a new business or building upon an existing one, Active Entities can connect you with our web developer to bring your dream to life.


Building your community is a key for success at what you do. We’ll help you brainstorm and find new avenues for relationships to develop. Making your clients feel like family creates a space for everyone to succeed. We’re in this together!


Your community can build on itself with the right approach. Active Entities and Jenn’s Web will help you with your social media strategy by finding out what platform works best for you. Focusing your energies in the right direction is the smart way to get your voice heard and we’ll help you find that voice and amplify it to the right audience.


How can you know where you’re going, if you don’t know where you’ve been? Getting to where you want to be takes time, but we can help show you the way. Using clearly defined goals and making steady progress towards them can be rewarding in itself, as well as great for staying on top of your success.

About Jenn’s Web

“Jennifer is the ultimate collaborator as she’s able to capture the culture of your business perfectly and put forth messaging that is strong and inviting to the community you market to. Her knowledge of social media combined with her competitive spirit to put forth the best presentation for your organization is unmatched. As Soto once stated, “individually we are one drop; but together we are an ocean”… Jennifer is someone you want as a business partner as she will take your website and messaging from good… to great. ”
-Bobby Verdun


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